Birth Name: Louise Helena Glover
Date of Birth: 08 February 1983
Measurements: 34F,24,34
Nationality: British
Profession: International cover Model and TV Personality

Early life
Louise was born in St Helens, England. She attended sutton community High School in St Helens for five years. After passing all her GCSE's Glover attended St Helens Collage whist studying NVQ in Fitness coach teach and instruct for 3 years. Louise also went on to study Scuba Diving and gained her open water in Malta and advanced in Malaysia and is about to study her Dive master. Louise's ambition is to become a Dive instructor & own her own diving company in Australia.

An oft-told story of Glover's "discovery" is that she was scouted by a modelling agent at the age of nine while shopping with her mother for baby clothes for her twin sisters. Originally, she wanted to be a fashion and run way model and studied every book she could find in her early teenage years and still has all her scrap books with all her inspiration, hopes and dreams for a better future. She wanted a career in Fashion and studied design textiles at school to get a head start. But after approaching elite premier and storm, her 5'5" in height wasn't growing any taller and she gave up on the idea. While in school she was offered to become a professional trampolinist and considered competing for the British team. As a teenager glover was in several beauty pageant finals including, Miss England, Miss Great Britain, Miss Hawaiian Tropic and Miss Earth which took place in the Philippines over 4 weeks in 2002.
Dancer: At 18 Glover came to London for the Miss Great Britain finals and was approached by Peter Stringfellow, who offered glover a pole position at Stringfellow's table-dancing clubs in Covent Garden. Soon after glover went to the new club opening in Paris, were she fell in love with the chic city an moved to paris shortly after as a topless pole dancer.
Page 3: Glover started a page 3 career as a topless model after shooting with renowned British photographer jenny savage for the Daily Star, which made it clear that she wanted to be a glamour model. Louise then became a regular Page 3 model and her fan base grew and glover started winning contests and interest from magazines and TV turned tenfold.

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